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  1. What are you doing right now?

    Working at Legion. Come take a break from buying shoes and buy some clothes.
  2. Agree with the guy above...some of the designs are good, that "Slave" tee definitely has a high fashion feel. My advice: Try to find one direction and stick with it. What I'm seeing on the site looks like the designs are going in a few different directions. Just my thoughts though.
  3. Logo reminds me of Crooks & Castles a bit...but I'm feelin that pocket tee. Keep at it!
  4. Online Streetwear Shop

    Your site is down, but www.legion-goods.com is up. We don't have those brands, do have Coke Magic, Youth Machine, Void the brand, SSUR, Fuct, and more!
  5. Eric Koston SB

    Looks like the Zoo York Blazer colorway...
  6. Shoes and Tees [sz. 11 and M]

    Also, I'm trying to get the Lance Mountain Jacket in M or L if anyone has the connect on one of those...it would be insane to get one of those. Willing to trade or will pay cash.
  7. February QS????

    All I know is that I saw these in person yesterday - basically took the Jagermeister dunk and changed it up a little...but that green leather looks even worse. I bet you can get these for $50 after a few months. Don't know why anyone would pay retail for them.
  8. Hi all, I am looking for the following (DS if possible) in size 11 / Medium. I missed the opportunity to buy them when I had it, and now I'm kicking myself for it. (Sorry for having to copy-paste URLs, BB Code wasn't posting click-able links) Taka Hayashi x Vans J-Lay Mid http://www.highsnobiety.com/news/2008/12/05/active-x-taka-hayashi-x-vans-pack-released (Brown pair) The Hundreds Tribute to Hardcore, Gorilla Biscuits or Bad Brains (black or white) http://thehundreds.com/blog/2009/05/27/the-hundreds-a-tribute-to-hardcore I've got about 25 DS pair of shoes and a few non-DS (size 10.5 - 11) that I'd be willing to trade for the Vans. Please check back often, I'll be updating this post as my interests change.
  9. The Official Michigan Thred

    Agreed, where's MI at? I'm in the metro Detroit area, trying to sell/trade ~20 pair. All DS size 11, and a few worn in sizes 10.5-11.
  10. Sneaker-Danglez

    Just sold this dude my VNDS Skate or Dies. There was an issue with Paypal sending CAD instead of USD and he was cool about it, re-sent the payment immediately. He wasn't giving me a hard time when I wasn't able to get the shoes out the day after I received payment. Probably the quickest and easiest transaction I've ever made. I definitely would do business with him again!
  11. sooperman

    Just sold him some Golddiggers. Great communication, payment sent when he said it would be, and he didn't get angry when I wasn't able to ship them out right away because I was working late. Extremely great buyer. A+ (and then some more +s)
  12. The Official Michigan Thred

    http://www.mtvtn.com/ Just launched a full online store. $5 shipping on US orders.
  13. The Official Michigan Thred

    For real? Launch in Ann Arbor, Plus in Downtown Farmington, Puffer Reds (not SBs), Burn Rubber? Then there's Motivation in Ann Arbor for all your clothing needs lol.

    Much respect to MDterps4 for skating Supreme blazers.
  15. I didn't bother to read the 3 pages before my post, but are those some Tre AD in Mad Hectic colors?