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  1. legit check papa bears

    hey guys. looking to buy these. I've been out of the game for awhile so just wanted to cover my butt. They look good to me just wanted to get a second opinion thanks in advance. these were the only pics posted. no inside tag.
  2. Obtaining an SB Account

    I used to be the manager of a skateshop and this question actually came up with the nike sb rep one time cuz i heard rumors and crazy stories of how to obtain an account. Its not really that intence but it does help to no some one on the inside. other then that the normal way to obtain an account i be a reputable skateshop/boutiqe for at least 4 years and they will ask to see sales and how much you have made over the years and what months are better then others. If you have a solid income and flow of customers then they will put you on a 6 month trial basis with GR dunks like what zumiez and CCS get. They will monitor the sale of these runs and how quick they are sold. There is some other little stuf but those were the main ones that really popped out for me. But as most real dudes know Nike SB has changed a lot and started to get more main stream so things could be a little diffrent. So your not completley out of luck but it deff wont happen over night. Hope this helps.
  3. LTB Sizes 11 - 11.5

  4. Looking to Buy Heat 11.5-12 DS, NDS, VNDS

    And DS skunks 11.5
  5. Looking to Buy Heat 11.5-12 DS, NDS, VNDS

    I have DS dooms,VNDS pushead,and DS de la highs if interested pm me.
  6. Looking to Buy any of the Nike sb 3 bears pack

    I have mama and papa bears DS 12. if interested shoot me a text and ill send you sum tagged pics. 732 640 3193
  7. I GOT DS koston Highs size 11 $150.00
  8. What One\'s Wearing March 2011

  9. General Automotive Talk

    My 07 Sti. k&n typoon intake,turboxs TMIC, turboxs catback exhaust invidia downpipe.
  10. What One\'s Wearing February 2011

    first nice day in MA pee wees to work
  11. What One\'s Wearing February 2011

    yeah i feel ya on the not wearing dunks latley. Im in MA and we have been getting dumped on with crazy snow so i havnt broke anything out. Jordan boots all day
  12. Follow the leader

    im not in it for the points i just want to see this keep goin. nice on the cncpts pack.
  13. Follow the leader

    better pic. must be concepts pack
  14. Follow the leader