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  1. man rip big black
  2. its so tempting to buy a bunch of old dunks now that theyre so cheap but i know i'd never wear them
  3. also kendricsk album pretty doap soap
  4. if you wait for the light to turn green before you put your left blinker on youre an asshole thats it
  5. xbox is so gay about gamertag changes
  6. If those distressed leathers are ds I'm your idiot
  7. Also thanks again for the hook up richy you're the man
  8. Any of you fuckers know a safe way to download some movies and tv shows? I've got like 40 hours of flying ahead of me
  9. bank then haircut then beach then laundry then video games then sex. Tomorrow gonna be a good day
  10. those first ones are awesome its a pretty good time to buy sb's right now honestly
  11. 👍
  12. theyre a size 12
  13. Dug these out of cold storage today they haven't seen the light of day in a few years..
  14. I been sick for a whole month been to the doctors twice and hospital once and they can't figure out what's wrong they just keep giving me medicine that fucks me up and now that I've run out I'm having withdraws if feels like my fuckin skin is peeling it's driving me insane I can't even sleep please help me jesus
  15. jonwayne?