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  1. I'll start it off.
  2. thankss for the stickers!
  3. this guy is legitt met up with him for my pattys no hassles, no problems deal with him!
  5. met up with this guy. was on time. paid fast, no hassles. deal with this guyy! legit
  6. can you guys please reduce the time in between PMs? it really bugs me to have to wait 5 minutes between PMs. im getting alot of offers on my shoes and it takes me 30 minutes just to respond to them all. :( can you guys reduce the time to maybe 2 minutes in between? just my two cents.
  7. april black/white quickstrikes fsr $77.99+shipping
  8. LEGIT! met up with this dude for a meetup. transaction went through smoothly. A+
  9. sold this guy some sea crystals transaction went through smoothly. no complaints here. legit!
  10. dam dude, hope you catch that bastard.
  11. you can scratch the premes from this collection just got jacked at dxc. fml.
  12. thx guys ^_^V
  13. got these last week. ;D