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  1. Back Again AJ 1 J2K High
  2. Finally got my pair Air Jordan 2 Retro "Bin 23" 0478/1097
  3. i missed out on the bin IX will get em down the line
  4. Retro 1 Phat Premier for cheap $40 Derek Jeter Phat Low 1 Ds 5/18 cdp Nike SB Dr.Huxtable / Bill Cosby Dunk (My First Pair Of Sb's) Vintage Space Jam T-Shirt Ruff N Tuff 1s
  5. thanks homie im glad u like the collection (best collection of all-time lol) thanks im trying to make it the best as it can be.
  6. Ruff N Tuff 1s Ds 5/18 cdp Derek Jeter Phat Low 1 Retro 1 Phat Premier
  7. lol im thinking about doing the SBs not sure yet will see might have to kill the SBs
  8. Nike SB Bill Cosby (My First Pair Of Sb's) Retro 1s Hi Premier
  9. Retro 1s 25th Anniversary Retro 1s DTRT Retro 6s (TD) Black/ Varsity Red Motorsports 6s Women 10s Retro 6s Women 1s Low [img]http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n137/chavier/Air%20Jordan%201s%20through%204s%20Collection
  10. Copper Foamposite Retro 1s 25th Anniversary Retro 1s DTRT Retro 6s (TD) Black/ Varsity Red
  11. Easy cop for me today Motorsports 6s
  12. thanks for the great comment Update I'm Backkkkk Women 1s Low Retro 6s Blk/Red
  13. thanks homie about the leroy smith 1s they release last year. You can still get them they easy to get. LOL thanks for the title I try to keep going hard with my collection but I know others with great collections also.
  14. thanks i will try my best to keep it up
  15. Im Backkkkkkkk with a little something for now Jordan Campus Chukka Limited Edition 200 pair made Cinco De Mayo 1s Charity 6s Another CG 4s Ds Im Backkkkkk Retro 9s 2002 12s for my two sons and space jams 11s for me 1s Prom Nite (for me) and toddlers 11s space jams (for my sons) Update Air Jordan 2009's