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  1. Hey I have size 11 Dino Jr's vnds
  2. DS space jams size 10, pm me if interested
  3. Ok thanks for looking, those were the things that looked sketchy to me too
  4. Hey just wanted to get these Unkles looked at, thanks for the help
  5. I think these could be real nice if they do them right. Can't wait to see pictures and see what kind of spin nike sb puts on these. One of my favorite jordans
  6. ^^ QS dunks have to be bought in the store
  7. VNDS futuras size 8. let me know
  8. Plum Highs deadstock 9.5
  9. Deadstock charcoal lows size 12. Let me know if interested
  10. VNDS Mids size 11.5, check em out
  11. got hawaiis size 12, let me know
  12. VNDS J-Rods size 8, let me know
  13. Got Blue Supreme Highs size 10, pm me if interested. Thanks
  14. Blue supreme highs size 10. PM me