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  1. SOLESELECTA's Collection

    it's been quite a very long time...been on the low for about a couple of years. I guess I need some updating to do. I don't even know where to begin. haha
  2. __MY__A I R s__SkRiLlZ

    "I believe I can Fly" with all these AIR Damn AT! I almost had a heart attack hahah! One of the best sets I've seen in a very long time. I've been waiting for this for a very long time. I'm glad you finally put em out. GREAT Collection bro. -Ray

    anytime my man! were you at Ali Al Saleem or what? heheh. I myself just got back from a TDY to Japan and Hawaii. Glad to see you back safe bro!
  4. New York City!

    Just wanted to say wutup to the NYC chapter. I've been living in NYC now for about a year and a half. Just been busy with work and the fam so yeah that's that. see you guys around!!!

    To all my fellow service member who has served and currently serving this country (brothers, sisters, mom, dad, grandparents) To those who has given the ultimate sacrifice...you will never be forgotten! HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!! SSgt RAY I. USAF [color="#FF0000"]-Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom- [/color]
  6. Wohoo! I'm going to be a DAD!

    Thanks again all! Bane...she'll be in her 8th week
  7. Wohoo! I'm going to be a DAD!

    Thank you ALL! I'm excited and nervous at the same time but one thing I'm sure of is that he/she will be spoiled with shoes and other stuff of course. hahah Ray
  8. Wohoo! I'm going to be a DAD!

    Just found out that my wife is preggy! Soon enough the only kicks I'm going to be buying are for the baby. hahaha SOLESELECTA - Ray
  9. did your parents ever spank you?

    98% of the Filipinos got spanked when they were little hahah. As a matter of fact forget spanked it's more like beaten HAHAHAH I know I did. -S
  10. RIP DJ AM

    RIP This just tells you that money and fame isn't everything. I'm not saying everyone that has tons of money does it but most do. They have nothing else to spend it on so they turn to drugs...IMO -S
  11. General Automotive Talk

    thanks AT! hahah thought i'd hit this up again...finally have a 4 day weekend so i'm just chillen at home while the wifey is at work. Nah that's not it...hopefully by the end of the year i'll have something nice to post. What's good bro?
  12. General Automotive Talk

    Nice S2K man! now hit us up in S2KInternational.com hehe
  13. jls5en

    Countless time this man hooked it up with some good ishh. Never doubt this mans legitimates always on point. Thanks again bro...and to many more in the future. R.
  14. missletrap

    Great item and really great seller to deal with! Super fast shipping. Item as described and very clean. Don't ever hesitate to deal with this man! SUPER LEGIT! SOLESELECTA