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  1. fightingboxes

    very honest and prompt with payment. no problem at all trusting. great business!
  2. Interview the Person Below You

    A: i've never lied so far out of my ass that is was big enough a deal Q: if you were given $500, would you spend more than half on shoes?
  3. Whackest Shoe EVER?

    do those croc sandal looking things count as shoes? if they do i pick those...
  4. mikekaabe

    this guy knows EXACTLY what hes doing. he answered all my PMs within 24 hours, i had no reason to doubt him, and i didnt need to. everything went absolutely smooth as could be. i highly recommend him to anyone selling or buying. 100% legit. no problems

    tiffs are 100000% fake seller has 93.3 feedback? PASS PASS PASS this seller sucks ass

    i hated braces. i think i might need them again -_- my friends had em on since 3rd grade and hes a sophomore now. now THAT sucks hey. it could be worse
  7. Interview the Person Below You

    is the question literal? like would i rather spit or swallow? spit. im a baseball player. i spit all the time, its a habit. questions : if shoes were a drug, would you need rehab?
  8. DS or PSP

    i agree. i dont have the DS(i have the psp) but i have played the DS and its pretty tight. more game selection. but if you do get the psp you can "hack" your psp and get..i forget what its called ( i think it starts with an e) edit: AN EMULATOR!!! but i have played nintendo games on my psp before hahaha but yea DS is the way to go
  9. Interview the Person Below You

    i would have to say arctic tundra cold. its so much easier to get warm then to get cool. do you like the night or the day time
  10. the purple pigeons

    ebay seller zahirjooma (who is legit and i highly recommend) made those purple pigeon patches. he also sold some purple pigeons with the patches sown on there beforhand. those are 100% legit and not to mention that its a listing on nsb.org. you can trust nsb.org 99.9% but i can understand that you just wanted to make sure. they are legit
  11. Post your most Funny/Jaw Dropping Pics and vids

  12. legit check stussy

    the lacebag looks fat to me.
  13. legit check sea crystals

    welcome to the forum. anyways these are very fake. inside tag for one is off boxtag sucks and the lacebag is fat fake stay away
  14. How was your 4th of July?

    for one. my dad's side of the family was out in cancun while my family was here at home because my summer baseball go tin the way = but anyways. yesterday i spent july 4th with my neighbors practically. no fireworks = but still we went swimming, had a mini bbq, and played wiffle ball thats always fun (14 hr in 1 innning for me )
  15. heinys

    fake. inside tag off for starters.