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  1. No problem its awesome to see N-sb back!
  2. I'm from Nicaragua, last time I had gone must have been 4 years ago, its a really beautiful country, but security-wise you just gotta be smart. If you have a friend who lives there and can guide you then you should go, but if not then Costa Rica is the better bet.
  3. I made these these a while back and have finaly decided to let them go. I got inspired by the Bulls colorway and got inspired by some cues the shoe had, so I decided to blow up the Halftone print they had, which lies on top of Red reflective material. The other materials are white Patent leather and Black vinyl. For the rest of the pics and write up, check the flickr page:
  4. What about dying it instead? if you paint over it you might loose its texture which is really appealing unless you don't care about it, if you google it theres a couple of pages on it. If you don't want to mess up your shoe, you can buy some nylon at Jo anns, its about 7 for the yard, but you can get a 1/4 and experiment a bunch of things on it.
  5. No problem, just keep looking for other ideas to work with.
  6. There's really no way, you could try painting it, and it might look alright, but the paint wont penetrate into the leather(since its not real) and it will likely crack over time.
  7. Check this spot out:
  8. You can't, the patent leather that nike uses is a synthetic, as in a vinyl or PVC, If you try to prep it gets nasty.
  9. Has anybody checked Levi's site recently? I checked it up earlier today and in the front page or home page, they actually had an image and a section of the "Team skateboarding denim", along with a pair of Omars, which were all black except for the sole which was white and a few small red accents, as in the tongue tag, maybe the liner and the outsole(can't remember too well) it seemed like all suede but the picture wasn't big enough to really see the texture. I checked again right now though and they took it of :/
  10. The colorway is decent, nice job on them.
  11. These are nice and simple, great job man!
  12. Thanks Godson, a good amount of effort went into them, so I'm happy that you like them!
  13. Don't quote me on this, but I've heard from other people you can distress it using an exacto knife, you would have to cut into the folds of the denim in order to loosen it up a bit.
  14. Thanks everyone! Brownbear is correct in a way, its the same material I had used on the first pair and many others with reflective material, even though its not exactly 3M, to be specific, its a polyester with a aluminum coating applied to it, and then covered with reflective glass beads, that's why it has a look of a woven fabric.
  15. I made these for N-SB member godson5886, It was originally supposed to be another copy of the mint N-SB dunk I had made before, but we decided to make a couple of changes as things went along. I think it came out much better this time around anyways, I tried a couple of new things here and there and overall I'm pretty happy with them even though it took a long while to make, thank you for waiting Godson! Enjoy the pics, courtesy again of Mario Garcia. For higher resolution pics check out the flickr site: Link