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  1. Flipmode Squad ft Buckshot - We got u opin
  2. Bcdrums15

    His first purchase here on NSB came with a breeze..Great communication and keeps his word. Fast shipment. Good luck on your future purchases and welcome to NSB
  3. K!dXPaperchasin'

    Guy Is Legit. Quick payment, Good communication. No Flaker. Would definitely do business with him again.. Enjoy the kicks man.
  4. jls5en

    What is there else to say.. Got some goodies from him Just out of the kindess of em.. Much love bro, Your good Peeps..
  5. Yung LA & Yung Dro - Damn I look Good Aye Aye
  6. GT - H.O.U.S.T.O.N Southside Fondren she was havin Fun then
  7. Houston heads?

    I figured that haha.. Some blazers I wouldn't mind scoopin up though.. Dropped what?? Rhymes?? lol.. If your meaning by dropped by, I did on Saturday.. Not sure what you meant though lol