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  1. collin writes: Visited Boracay in the Philippines. Just sat on the beach (amazing beach), cheap and tasty food, girl by the side, tonnes of water sport/activities. What more do you need? My question: This is kind of open ended and would need a girl's opinion who hates it also, but: Why don't girls want to swallow? Shit, my girl eats green mango with salt, , soy/fish sauce and bagoong (this weird tasting filo 'sauce' that tastes strongly of fish)/really sour and salty filo foods like pineapple and salt, and Durian fruit that has the consistency of snot/mucus and smells like shit. I don't get it, whenever it even gets near the mouth she shrieks? #girlproblems
  2. Reading World War Z, love this book.
  3. So much money to be made in the Aus Open, gambling problems tho.
  4. So much money to be made in the Aus Open, gambling problems tho.
  5. https://twitter.com/nudevines
  6. Haha Man City could win the League this season, they have been destroying teams.
  7. More books, loved World War Z novel, so got this.
  8. So how about Manchester United losing 3 times in a row in a season. Hasn't happened since 2001. I think Moyes has broken about 5 records this season, not for the good either.
  9. Nocando & Busdriver [youtube]esHDTwuccBI[/youtube]
  10. oh shoot [youtube]RmlCJPirrnA[/youtube]
  11. mxlct writes: Clockwork Orange is crazy and weird to read. It is a decent read though. I just finished The Hobbit finally. About to delve into Eric by Terry Pratchet.
  12. New futsal boots and delving into philosophy a little. Haven't been in here in ages (let alone since the change from n-sb to stashedboxes).
  13. Lemon, Lime Bitters Favourite Lord of the Rings character?