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  1. The eBay thread

    vans hi top wtaps nike court forces purple stussy nike sb air trainer 1 nike sb dunk barfs all for $ 90.00 best steal of my iife
  2. Official Tattoo thread

    something ive been working on. changes: i wanna remove the koi fish and add a blue whale shooting out water instead add more flowers and water

  4. EastCoastDunkFiend

    my first time using paypal on my own and dude made it simple as possible, pleasure doing buisness and definitely an asset to NSB, and thanks for the shoes.
  5. Nike Zoom SB Janoski - white perf leather

    just picked up a pair today at active and there pretty much gonna be my summer joints.
  6. Nike Dunk Low SB "Miller Highlife"

    i didnt really like the shoe till that picture above and man haha there pretty nice and well i love the beer but id have to see these in person
  7. What's your 9-5?/Where do you work?

    full time student at AI part time at Coldstone Creamery Disney Pixar animation intern, background & prop designer.
  8. Your Plans for Summer

    doing 2 full 18 unit quarters, tryna get outta art school real quick haha working at coldstone creamery interning at Disney Pixar animation studios being nocturnal hanging with friends BEACH fishing sailing buying a civic si on my own cheeers!
  9. Worst Shoe Luck

    senior year in highschool i was wearing my vvvnds de la highs, and im in ceramics class, and this stupid bitch next to me spills her ceramic mud all over my shoes. nuff said.
  10. What's on your christmas list?

    27" iMac & a Nikon D90.
  11. Post what killed your day

    waking up having to do a still life drawing in charcoal. getting a parking ticket fundamentals of anatomy midterm acting and movement midterm my debit card doesnt work so i had no money today. and i have to wake up at 6 in the morning to finish my design final and a 5 page process paper on storyboards. and btw im a media arts/animation major so thats why i have so much art crap to do.
  12. Last meal on death row

    smoke a blunt and then eat a bunch of hot wings, steak, french toast, lasagna, bacon, fried mac & cheese, mashed potatoes with bacon bits, pepper corn roast beef sub, nachos, pinks hot dog, albertos steak breakfast burrito, burger kings steakhouse loaded burger, apple juice and probably a miller high life or blue moon Belgian white ale with a slice of orange.
  13. old to the new- nice and smooth.
  14. How do you support your habit?

    Coldstone Creamery & Disney Pixar.
  15. Fun Things to do at School / Work

    school : i'm an animation student so i draw a lot cant complain, and i sit in front of a computer in all my classes another reason i cant complain but each class is 4 hrs long haha work: i work at coldstone creamery, therefore i just stand there and eat ice cream for a good majority of my shift.