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  1. AM360 24/7 in black denim AM95 in cool grey/neon yellow, any release DS only please
  2. Hello, I have Zoo Yorks VNDS in a 11 with OG box etc. PM if still interested!
  3. RC hit me up, I replied, he paid - what an easy transaction! There's nothing easier than dealing with a PREMIUM PLUS
  4. Purchased some lacelocks from me. Sent me a PM, I responded. Easy transaction.
  5. Just bought a shirt from me, easy transaction and quick communication. Exactly what NSB needs!
  6. at work. when is this?
  7. fast shipping and great communication. will definitely do business with szuk again!
  8. the email address doesn't show does it? i think you could send emails earlier, but it should have been redirected...sort of like how craigslist works
  9. based on the green light/red light at the end of the post just tests out what is a good post/bad post kind spammers get negative postings etc
  10. Monday as in tomorrow? 18th?
  11. great communication, quick responses and knows what he's doing. Looking forward for more deals with coco dips
  12. Just copped a pair of kicks off of Chip_SB! Thanks for the easy transaction bro.
  13. tax in la and ny only...so technically if i remember correctly, if you have family who lives in a nearby state have them mail it there.. taxes can get up there with the pricier shoes. -- on topic - why would they ask for social security numbers? that's outrageous. no reason to do it whatsoever.... come on, louis vuitton, gucci, etc doesn't ask for my social - so hop off
  14. well you know, they said that these shoes on Jordan's were so ugly that people kept staring at them on the courts