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  1. The Beginning

    Oh the good ol' days.
  2. jonhav's Collection

    Awesome collection. Thanks for sharing! Glad you're not a sz 9.5 or 10 because I would be bugging you about your Bocas and Mochas.
  3. smorga-SB-ord nearly finished collection.

    Nice, simple, and straight to the point. Must be a pain in the ass trying to find your size?
  4. Dunk SB bred lo

    Very nice! These look way better than those Royal Dunk Highs.
  5. Official Non SB Nike Pick Up Thread 2014

    Flyknit February
  6. my modest collection

    You've inspired me to do a collections thread again.
  7. Chris. collection V2

    Glad to hear people getting their priorities and putting family first. Nice collection of J's, but that blanket doe! Congrats on the baby, and good luck on your business venture.
  8. Official December 2013 Dunk Sb Pickup Thread!!

    shoreguy85 writes: This makes me miss my old collection. Dope pick ups!
  9. cemeterydrive\'s collection v.3

    You know your collection is awesome when b53 gives you props!
  10. Official December 2013 Dunk Sb Pickup Thread!!

    Been awhile since I picked up Dunk SB's (or posted in a pickup thread)
  11. Collin's Collection

    SHARKS!!! I always get excited when I see a pair.
  12. cemeterydrive\'s collection v.3

    Oh your collection still amazes me.
  13. cm4521's collection

    Those Vapors are so underrated.
  14. my modest collection

    modest indeed... awesome shots.