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  1. New best game for domination rust. 713 kills 145 assists and 181 deaths. I have a picture on my phone of it and once i have time ill upload it. SET MY NEW KILLSTREAK WHICH IS NOW 68. We had B and C captured and they just kept spawning on A and my chopper gunner just demolished them, it was fun. And to answer your question about if you can do it by yourself im not exactly sure about doing it by yourself i know for sure though you need two people to do the way i do.
  2. I know how to do the unlimited domination rust glitch. My best i have ever done on the glitch is 520 kills 150 assists and 73 deaths. My highest killstreak is 47. On the same game i got 22 predator missles 15 harriers and 12 chopper gunners. If anyone wants to do the glitch or just say wassup hit me up im always on My gamertag is: king0fkrizump
  3. Please check the NSB price guide and look for Jedis and then youll see how much DS Jedis really are Also FAKE 1. Stitching way off 2. Colorway off 3. Has like over 10 pairs. AVOID
  4. No tags= No legit check Get tagged pics and well help you out, some legit de la highs tend to be different shades of colors like that at the toebox. Just get those tagged pics
  5. LEGIT 1. Inside tag good 2. Heels good 3. Stitching good Good to go, get tagged pics updated and you good
  6. Excellent transaction Paid instantly, great communication throughout Enjoy the kicks bro and hope to deal with again.
  7. Fantastic transaction Paid instantly great communication Enjoy the Griptapes.
  8. FAKE 1. Insoles off 2. Graphics off Avoid
  9. Flawless transaction Meetup with david at a discussed place and time Everything went smooth Hope to do business with again, Thanks
  10. LEGIT He shipped first in a trade Great communication and everything went smooth Hope to do business with again.
  11. Hooked it up with some Pusheads Did meetup at the DXC Everything went smooth Thanks man.
  12. Looks like your in the process of buying a store. These are good and LEGIT: Send Helps Pee Wees Dooms Dinos Mork and Mindys Sorry cant really help you on the Js
  13. Actually first ones are called Olympic Dunk Highs But everything else above is correct.
  14. FAKE 1. Inside tag off 2. Box label off 3. Haze graphic off Also some pics are Tagged and some are not? AVOID
  15. FAKE 1. Inside tag off 2. Stitching off 3. Heels off I would not suggest putting these up on the forums as you would get BANNED.