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  1. ** Official Dunk SB Pick-Up: February 2011 **

    they're not sambas. these are sambas: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3593/3349866369_398115d140.jpg
  2. ** Official Dunk SB Pick-Up: February 2011 **

    i hope so, chris. it was so easy before =(
  3. ** Official Dunk SB Pick-Up: February 2011 **

    it's been a while since my last pick-up... i'm so psyched to find Pro B's in my size!!!
  4. syLmatic's collection - since March 08

    wow chris lol i didn't even see your post. will update when i have time. work has been bananananananananas for months.
  5. Nike SB Dunk Low Supreme X Chromeball Incident

    you did such a great job!! very impressive considering this is your first "big" custom. *high five*
  6. NerdySoleCollector

    chris is an amazing sneakerbuddy (and friend!). he kept me in mind when he went shopping and purchased two kicks for me: bred and mcfly tre a.d.'s. (i paypaled him the money while he was in the store). even though we both trust one another, he still went through the formality of sending me a shot of the packed shoes, and then a separate shot of the shipping label and provided a tracking number. no buyer can lose if buying from chris as he is honest, forthright, understanding, and extremely fair. i am so lucky to have met you!! thank you for always looking out for me and my 6.5's! =D
  7. Chris, Only your pick-up update could make me sign on after so long to comment. BEAUTIFUL e-cue's and urls. You are seriously awesome! ...and will not quit. You need more people!!
  8. My Collection

    Chris, you are on some kind of roll. I want to see your newest! Great pickup on the 3s =D
  9. syLmatic's collection - since March 08

    Update: E-Cue's! (Thanks, Chris, for the lookout)

    medi3 doubled up love it!
  11. 3M Dunk

    if anyone can find these in a 6 or 6.5 for me, i'd really appreciate it!!
  12. syLmatic's collection - since March 08

    what size is elwood? 13?
  13. syLmatic's collection - since March 08

    Update: Trickstar Blazers Unheavens Venoms Shima II Trainers
  14. syLmatic's collection - since March 08

    you were meant to be in my thread =) i don't think i am anywhere near chris's caliber, but jinkies, that sounds nice!
  15. 330ci

    caleb is just the best. always willing to help and good for his word. stay safe and come visit me in nyc =)