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  1. Millie have been sold. Lock this up
  3. BISONS AND 112'S SOLD. Millis still available. $130 shipped.
  4. LinesGoingSouth writes: check your inbox. bump
  5. Rod_Burgundy writes: Bump. Still available. Check your messages
  6. ***I hope these pics suffice for the 112. If u need new tagged pics I'll be happy to provide them*** $100 shipped.
  7. Selling these 3 deadstock pairs in order to pay for law school fall (help me out NSB fam). All have been in a air controlled environment . Millis still have lace bag attached. Bisons do not. Og everything on all pairs. Let me know if you have any questions. Paypal Verified only. You pay paypal fee. Millis $150 shipped. Bisons $310 shipped 112's $100 shipped (steal)! Milli Vanillis Bison's $310
  8. Bump. Only the Grits, 112 Dunk Lows, & Low Blazers availabale
  9. LTB Shit size 10-10.5

    sz 10 ds bisons
  10. Price drop on all. offer a fair price and theyre yours
  11. CjgNrd writes: Yea I do have the spare laces also, just checked. Offer up if interested! If you you need more pics just let me know and I'll be more than happy to send them to you man!
  12. CjgNrd writes: Gino's come w original box. Don't quite remember what spare laces they came with, but if you can tell me I can provide them as well (I have a box FULL of spare lace bags from my collection)
  13. What are you doing right now?

    I hvaent been on this site in forever. Lots of changes. Miss the community. But just getting ready to walk today, graduation. Then law school. aka buy my shoes!
  14. DS Purple Pigeons & also NDS Purple Pigeons

    Bump. how much cash are you looking for your ds pair?