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  1. Help please with Hemp Cascade legit check

    From the corner of the box tag picture you posted and the shape of the swoosh they look okay. But clearer pictures of the inside size tag and box label are needed for sure.
  2. The Longest Thread

    Mike Check?
  3. LTB sb heat 10.5/11

    Got Cheech & Chongs and a few other heaters, check the store link.
  4. Have some DS size 10 BC3 Fabios as part of the BC3 pack I have, would you be interested in buying all 3?
  5. jls5en\'s Box Ts and Caps

    Man I really should update this thread...
  6. The Dunk SB 'Heads Up!' thread

    For those that care this is not the correct sample for the Concepts Holiday Dunk. The graphics have all changed significantly due to potential legal reasons. The insoles and outsole are both also incorrect. So these are just a pre-sample sample that Nike made internally.
  7. Official Supreme Pick-Up Thread 2013

    It's actually the shorts...I am still looking for an XL hoody.
  8. Official Supreme Pick-Up Thread 2013

    Drop 1.
  9. But to answer the initial questions, Sid's response should cover the problems. Also, with Supreme items in particular because of the rise in re-selling items and the number of fakes, the Marketplace mods are paying a lot more attention and requiring substantial pictures to ensure authentic goods are all that are listed.
  10. Nike LeBron 10 Cork Release Reminder

    Still tentatively 2/23/13
  11. Nike LeBron 10 LeBronold Palmer Custom

    Not gonna lie, these are pretty clean!
  12. V.I.P. NSB Chat Group