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  1. Dunk mid wheat brown pack

    Worn a few times i will have more pics oo
  2. the Collection

    ha! 9 months later! and i got like 10 pairs of shoes max now hahaha
  3. TK L.I.O.N

    Yooo quick payment and easy communication! Lets do business again!
  4. sbswish7

    Dude coped a shirt from me, easy communication and quick payment!! Thanks bro. Peace.
  5. Bantug.

    dude copped some barfs off me, easy communication and fast payment, hope to do business with again! thanks bro
  6. Choosefriends not trends

  7. ceewok

    traded my wheat high to this dude for tweeds plus cash, super legit, easy to talk to do. will do business again! enjoy the kicks
  8. krazyk55

    Yooo did business with this dude a couple times, easy communication, woudl do business again.
  9. Choosefriends not trends

    thanks yall :-) i have mad kicks for sale in the size 9 forum and the wheat highs for sale in the 8.5!!!! get at me oh and shirts and such in the misc forum!
  10. nikeboi

    bought some DS grits from me, good communication, quick payment, great to do business with.
  11. Choosefriends not trends

    nah im not really into my shoes anymore, they for sale sooooo holla!
  12. Choosefriends not trends

    shoesssssssssss forrrrrrrrrr saleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PM meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  13. se4sons2013

    yoooooo got some custom taxi's off this dude. shoes came mad quick. great seller and easy communication. good lookin my nigga. peace.
  14. OFFICIAL: Post your hat game thread!!! NEW ERAS, STARTERS, BOX CAPS, ETC....

    new era all stussy skateboarding nike sb LRG other get at me if you wanna cop somthin!
  15. Skate-related pick-ups

    ds for free :-)