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  1. The Longest Thread

  2. The Longest Thread

    i have put it in a girls ass for the first time since i've last been here
  3. The Longest Thread

    am i able to get the new gf a gift that i got my ex a year ago? i mean who doesn't fuckin love alpaca fur pillows
  4. The Longest Thread

    RICHY writes: white and gum is the most godly colorway out there. if only more fucking companies knew.
  5. The Longest Thread

    was swiping through tinder and a bitches face literally made me all of a sudden smell taco bell
  6. The Longest Thread

    thanks for the lol richy purearsenal4 writes: iceland actually is one of the main places i wanna go. just gotta make sure i plan it out well so i see all the dope shit. And yea also considering another roadtrip here. Wish tibet didn't cost so much to get to, i'd be so down
  7. The Longest Thread

    what would be the dopest trip i could take on a budget of about $2000 and within 1 week? don't give me none of that 'depends what you wanna do' fuckshit, just wanna hear different ideas and what others would do
  8. The Longest Thread

    fuck ANYONE who actually goes around calling himself/herself a minimalist
  9. The Longest Thread

    may the multiple choice gods be with me this friday...
  10. The Longest Thread

    can't get City of God to play on my ps3 with subtitles.. got the right file and have tried multiple programs to merge the subs in with it but the ps3 still wont make it work damn it
  11. The Longest Thread

    any of you guys ever watch that british show The Inbetweeners? God damn they're some funny bastards. Literally threw up after finishing their actual movie cause i got fucked up laughing too hard dont watch without a joint tho
  12. The Longest Thread

    my boss thinks i'm gonna take and pass the Series 65 exam by the end of the month. This is so fucked
  13. The Longest Thread

    gotta get a trip to chicago this summer at some point. Anyone know the good concert venues over there so i can check out upcoming shows there?
  14. The Longest Thread

    its fuckin weird how you'll make an acquaintance one year but then a couple years go by and you'll just look right past that person. maybe its just the larry david in me that just doesn't care for the bs little social interaction that would have to happen to maintain it
  15. The Longest Thread

    ^^that would fuckin suck. Finally got a little adderall and in the library. Should be studying some finance but instead am just fascinated by handwriting now. Guess i'll try to combine the two.