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  1. Selvage/Raw denim questions

    gahahaha i remember my first pair of raw denim, no honeycombs whiskers nothing, but the ass part of the jeans were almost white because all i did in them was sit on my fat lazy ass
  2. NIke tap skate video!!

  3. How to be a Hypebeast

    what was the first song somone please tell us
  4. First paint customs

    One of the cleanest, awesome customs ive seen so far Very clean and simple i'm lovin em
  5. I loved superstars , still do just haven't found a pair to my liking yet. Rocked Akademiks enyce sean john ecko rocawear etc etc, wore size 38 pants, back then i weighed 190 pounds at 5'7 THen i joined football, got pretty slim weigh in at 165 @ 5'11 now and started dressing slimmer. One day when i was in la i was introduced to UNDFTD/Union and fell in love with all the types of clothing, googled for nike sbs and found this thread
  6. What if we had no NSB.org

    i wouldnt know all you guys
  7. Official Sidekick Thread

    i make sick themes, look!
  8. Official Sidekick Thread

    I've been a hiptop user since the Color sidekick 1 came out. I was stoked when the sidekick 2 came out, and ecstatic when the sidekick 3 came out. The sidekick 3 has a good ratio of Accesibility compared to Features. I disagree with those who say the sidekick 2 is better then the 3. After a couple months of use on this phone i cannot seem to use the sidekick 2, it's too bulky!
  9. can YOU beat this?

    cosplay anime nerdman will p.s. can we please avoid anime references because i doubt many people on these boards will know wtf it is (myself included)
  10. JNaut's Collection Part Deux!

    i'm happy my avengers went to the right person, maybe my de la highs will come too who knows?
  11. .. denim will all bleed to some degree, what some people do is put masking tape on the inside of their jean cuffs, i just soak them in water and towel them dry , whatever works i guess
  12. Did some of you join this forum

    i found out about nsb when i found out about a la brea warehouse sale that was taking place sometime around may via the hundreds, i was VERY new to streetwear at the time didnt know anything about any of the stores so i did a google search for the sale and nsb popped up, made an account and been posting ever since nsb's come a long way i remember when there weren't really any updates on the front page (i liked those updates more though, personal and funny stuff as well) =) been on nt once just to see why everyone here thought it was so bad, and i agree
  13. edward's collection...

    i think mine were fake, theyre long gone now lol
  14. Identity boardshop

    yes and it's one of the sickest shops i've been to hands down, sorry undftd brooklyn projects supreme
  15. Identity boardshop

    a local skate shop in my community made this skateboard to commemorate a guy named jack who passed away i guess, i think it's a pretty sweet deck