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  1. Space Jam Dunks

    guess who just came....THIS GUY (points to self) cannot wait

    http://www.solecollector.com/forums/mp_item.php?id=121636 what's the going price for DS?
  3. ^^^^ LOVE YOU would love you even more if you had a coupon code for flatspot tho anyone?
  4. Nike Dunk Low SB - Larry Perkins - Chirping - Out Now.

    so they will be stuffed for the US release?
  5. June Pick Up Thread

    My all time grails just came in this morning. They're size 11 and were DS this morning, not any more.
  6. June Pick Up Thread

    I just made a fucking steal at a thrift store. UNLV High's size 12 for $28.50. Made my day.
  7. bushy, were you drunk when u posted that? cuz it has nothing to do with the blue lobsters. haha
  8. So, still no pics of the line outside? someone in boston or nearby concepts mind snapping a pic for everyone else not camping out?
  9. I don't know if this is only me, but I'm digging the hype. Hasn't been a hyped release in a while. I also like the hyperstrike and the QS versions. I like having a more limited one and then one for the common man. After those packaging pictures, I just might have to pick up the QS version.
  10. Atlanta Dunk Lows

    you should try and use a woodburner to actually texture the elephant print.
  11. concepts will have at least 200 pairs of the shoes in the special packaging so 20 people is just 10% of the line. Can we close up this thread? the same thing just gets repeated and people are too lazy and keep asking the same question again and again. Lock the thread and force em to read through it to get their questions answered.
  12. Mods, can we just close this thread. Everything useful has already been said...a lot of the times multiple times. Just close this POS thread. its just getting stupider and stupider!
  13. NGX, as I posted before; Huf has confirmed that they will receive the blue lobsters, althought they will be releasing either later in June or in July.
  14. Nike Dunk SB Spring 2010 dunks!

    hahahahahaha, those orange highs look like some lows I designed in photoshop based off of TRUE SF.
  15. justhatbaykidd

    Great Buyer. He sent the money order quickly and it arrived in no time. It was my first time selling and he was very patient with me. This guy is legit, sell him your stuff. Thanks again