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  1. Nike SB Silver Box Dunk Hi

    Probably for the box tag.
  2. Stashed Boxes NYC BBQ 2.0

    Thank you Kenny and Jwiz for capturing gold! Kenny, it was a pic of me landing a quick double flip, and you missing my Casper!

    Nice denim forbes!!! Nice Brazil mids!!! Meek04 writes: I don't post much anymore, but I had to make an effort to share this pick-up. Meek04 is the one of the most humble and amazing people on this forum, in the world. Two pairs of kicks and my birthday isn't even here until next week! Thank you again Meek!
  4. The "Everything" Janoski Thread V.3

    Yeah they're long gone:
  5. Custom box sticker labels HOW TO

    I used to do this, until I started buying too many shoes and I got lazy. I also custom make box tags for my shoes that don't have box labels:
  6. Official February 2014 Dunk SB Pickup Thread!!!!

    Meek04 writes: Awww yeah dude.
  7. The "Everything" Janoski Thread V.3

    cheatingk9610 writes: So nice.
  8. cemeterydrive\'s collection v.3

    b53 writes: NerdySoleCollector writes: Holy shit, thank you B53! You're so right NerdySoleCollector :D
  9. cemeterydrive\'s collection v.3

    Kai84 writes: Aww thanks man! :) Recent pick-up:
  10. Official December 2013 Dunk Sb Pickup Thread!!

    Recent pick-up:
  11. Official December 2013 Dunk Sb Pickup Thread!!

    Christmas came early!
  12. cemeterydrive\'s collection v.3

  13. SNEAKER CON NYC NOVEMBER 23rd 2013!!!!!

    Only seeing these pics now. So happy to meet you Kenny and Meek! And U_Already_Know and Shark, Tommy and seeing Feedus again! I hope to meet more of you!
  14. Size 9.5-10 SB Dunks for Sale

    brownbear22 writes: That's funny to you? :P
  15. Size 9.5-10 SB Dunks for Sale

    Selling these: Blazers are sold, Digital Florals are sold. SIZE 10 Plum Highs - Worn 2x, 10/10 OG everything. $90 SIZE 10 Money Cat Mids- Worn 1x by me 9/10 (some gold stains, minor creasing or heel drag), OG box only. $80 Bruts - Worn 10x, 8/10 OG box. BIN: $100 Twin Peaks - Worn (not by me), 9/10 OG everything. $90 Deep Ocean Janoskis- Worn a couple of times, 8/10, OG everything. $60 Blue Digital Floral Janoskis- DS, OG everything. $90 EBAY LISTINGS HERE: http://www.ebay.com/sch/ricegrainsandroses/m.html?_nkw&_armrs=1&_ipg&_from Check eBay for more pics and PM for any questions or comment.