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  1. Post Sample Pics!

    cheatingk9610 writes: that's so much better than the released imo nike...what.
  2. Post Sample Pics!

    sidious writes: ....any back story to why they used those spikes? and they are dope !
  3. sidious writes: no! any detail why they got scrapped??
  4. Dunk SB Photo Gallery

  5. So glad they are bringing back the skunks I regretted selling mine :( would LOVE it to be a mid but a low I can do !
  6. BrownBear22's Dunk Collection

    mouth wide open...so nice
  7. Nike SB x Diamond Supply Co. Part 2 & Part 3 - 2011?

    shoreguy85 writes: I did. they wont ship until two weeks from the drop which would be this saturday. so prob monday
  8. Nike Dunk SB High Stars July 1st Release

    so close to being ostrich highs it saddens me. the blue clashes so hard :(
  9. Official February 2014 Dunk SB Pickup Thread!!!!

    damn y'all off topic let me bring it back with achieving one of my grails!
  10. Nike SB x Diamond Supply Co. Part 2 & Part 3 - 2011?

    CCS's warehouse is supposed to be receiving the shipment tomorrow until then all the orders placed are on backorder. Two weeks to ship from tomorrow if you place one.
  11. hypnosis galaxy custom-by cpb

    daaamn id rock the shit outta those
  12. The Dunk SB 'Heads Up!' thread

    averageastronaut writes: dont get me wrong , there has been a surplus of black dunks recently, but almost all of them are clashed with a white midsole. (the rain dunk lows for example) I like the snakeskin dunk lows but they would have a better flow to the cw if the midsole was black.
  13. Nike SB x Diamond Supply Co. Part 2 & Part 3 - 2011?

    Copped them on CCS! Beat the bots and having to wait in a line! A glorious day!
  14. The Dunk SB 'Heads Up!' thread

    warren602 writes: right?? they've been slacking on colored midsoles. its almost always white! be so dope if they were black
  15. Official January 2014 Dunk Sb Pickup Thread!!!!

    first new SB pickup since the tauntaun's, passed on all the future boxes , worth the wait! threw on the takashi 2 laces.