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  1. Legit check Peacock samples

    So I stumbled across this pair of Peacock Sample dunk mids the other day at my local Goodwill. I recognized them but obviously knew something was off. Bought them and took them home, upon further inspection they looked pretty legit except for a few things. First off, the ridiculous fur tag that ins't the real tag. The only other thing that led me to these being fake was the circle on the bottom of the sole that is usually curved seemed a little straight edged to me. I know the whole fur tag thing is a dead give away that something is off but I feel like the shoe as a whole seems legit besides that. I tried to get pictures of the sample number and tag and show spot on insole where the sample sticker use to be. Any information or dead give aways (Besides fur tag) to these being fake would be helpful. Â
  2. Portland

    yeaaa rep the NEP 503, never thought to even check if there was a p town thread before! dope
  3. Fivesongalibi's Collection

    damn those vapor samples are so sick, i wish they woulda dropped
  4. the collection of a 15 year old

    update this shit again man i want to see those new pickups!
  5. EDGE12

    good reponsive buyer. keep it real
  6. A collection

    shit mad props for the mcfly tre's!!
  7. j0rdanx23

    just bought some t19's from this gentelman, good seller and communicator, buy without fear
  8. Kian_Florida

    good seller, pleasure doin some business
  9. Dirkussupremus

    a great fella reppin the NEP, sold kicks for me on here a real homie!
  10. collection of Fresh Kickz

    how hard was it to scratch the black off of the swoosh on the slams?
  11. Post Sample Pics!

    Yes your right. these have opposite tag colors though so i guess technically there only samples
  12. Post Sample Pics!

    sorry bout the other pics i hope they work Send help samples? By forrestl, shot with E5900 at 2008-12-29 By ForrestL at 2008-12-29
  13. Post Sample Pics!

    I just got these from a second hand store, i thought they were fakes but then saw they were samples, let me know what yall think.