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  1. First post in here in a long time but a good one! Thanks qberrrt!
  2. What One's Wearing November

    Last week's rotation.
  3. Mary Jane thread

    I just had some blue dream not that long ago. That stuff is bomb as fuck.
  4. Mary Jane thread

    Has anybody ever made stem tea? I've heard of people doing it but I'm not sure if it will work or how to do it.
  5. What's one wearing?--January 2009

    Haha well I'm not really sizing down since I'm really like a true 34 now since I've lost a little weight. I wanted to have my Imperials in 34's but they didn't fit at the time so I went to 36's.
  6. Show Us Your Denim Pt. 1

    Alright these are my Imperial Dukes worn for around 6 months with a warm soak and 1 wash. Sorry it took so long solixpnoy haha. And I'll get some more detailed shots in when I get some time. And just for kicks here is my new pair of Flat Head F310's (picture from WOW thread).
  7. What's one wearing?--January 2009

    I went down about 1 size. I got a 34 in these but I also have a pair of 36 Imperials and a pair of 33 APC's. But don't go off of me, I would try a pair out first. Anyways, today to the first day of Winter Quarter. Stussy Flying Coffin Imperial Air Max 90
  8. What's one wearing?--January 2009

    Thanks, I'll get those soon; I just got a new tripod. They are the F310's.
  9. What's one wearing?--January 2009

    Supreme Nike Goods The Flat Head Vans
  10. Selvage/Raw denim questions

    Will Flat Heads stretch out much?
  11. sooperman

    Sold him a pair of nds Puff n Stuffs. Amazing communicaiton, quick payment, would definitely do business with him again.
  12. nikeNYC

    Sold some Air Max 1 NL's to him. Very quick payment, good communication, highly recommend doing business with this man.

    Just starting to experiment with my new fisheye lens. Took this on my trip to San Diego...