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  1. Huf AM1 for today
  2. thanks man. i still remember back around when i first joined the site when you and a few others picked up the shoes as well. they're one of the most comfortable shoes i own.
  3. haven't posted here in a while. nice shoes all around. moires for me today.
  4. Thanks to the Borgata crew and their black friday sale
  5. hey if i buy something at the start of the black friday sale and buy one of the new pocket tees on saturday can i combine the orders to make the free shipping for orders over $60?
  6. i started going on this site in 05, then joined in 06. been on here ever since. thanks for the site sid.
  7. hey were we supposed to get some sort of email confirmation for the order? i paid through paypal if that matters and got a receipt of the payment from that but nothing from diamond.
  8. yeah the website was trippin for me too. i got the skyline hat and paid but its not showing up in my recent orders on the website so idk whats up. hopefully it went through alright
  9. here's my pair with white laces if anyone was wondering how they look
  10. sorry about the picture quality
  11. got both of these a couple weeks back. i paid under $200 total for both of them.
  12. weak i had those neon tres to post but i realized the time zone on the forums are ahead.
  13. i got these for a good price so i just want to be sure theyre fine. the only thing that has really been a concern to me is that some laceholes are off but everything else seems alright. thanks in advance.
  14. yeah i was wondering why they were kinda heavy but i think its because of the insoles with the double zoom air pads on each one. as for the city i think its osaka but im not really knowledgeable about japanese baseball haha.