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  1. mcallister CAN have the same game if the bears dont fix up that run defense. not trying to compare mcallister to alexander, but alexander was constantly runnin the ball down the middle during the second half. im sure the saints will study this game hard as hell and try to find and exploit the problems that the bears defense has thats not so easy to see. look for mcallister and bush to work together and work the defensive line and for brees to use that and effectively open the play action. for the saints, its gonna be about the offense and if the bears arent ready to match that offense, they wont win. simple as that.
  2. unfortunately traded my irons plus cash for a dmp pack. good trade, but i miss my irons.
  3. bears wont top the saints
  4. very nice franklin! my final two jordan pick ups of the year. thanks 06, you've been great!
  5. legit! extremely fast shipping. that shit was too fast, honestly, i wasnt ready for it. lol.
  6. my brother and i play both these games regularly. we're pretty good at it, only playing every track on expert cuz anything less isnt challenging at all. and for the record, guitar hero 1 is much better than 2. the only thing that 2 has over 1 is it's multiplayer, by far.
  7. diggin the dmps and those true blue 3s. i love mine so much
  8. i used to have those sheets! sweet collection. especially diggin the j3s
  9. I always say i wanna quit, but i end up buying more and more. no ds cuz well, you know, you cant break necks in a box.
  10. pc on airmax90-360 infrared "one time only" VVVVVVVVNDS im talkin like worn three times. thanks
  11. ill be there with fury.
  12. awww, i got cut out of the group shot thats me with the sinking ships shirt and for some reason holding my belt. haha. i had a sweet time. it was good meeting everyone and ill see ya'll at the dunsxchange. btw, if i hadnt come to this, i probably wouldve never copped those neptunes for $62. lol
  13. i will be there.
  14. american release date of the hr puff'n stuffs?
  15. lets just hit up the mott st. arcade after soho. chinatown aint that far. plus that whole little eilzabeth st/mott section is always a good spot to chill at and look around. tossin up ideas.