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  1. From what I've been reading, its only coming back in Japan as of right now.
  2. I hate that no one posts in the skateboarding section of this site anymore =(
  3. cm4521 writes: Dang! Those are sick! US needs those!
  4. sidious writes: Thanks Sid! Good to be back!
  5. Any new word on the Salazars? Still scrapped?
  6. Skated my Janoski mids for the first time today. Very nice feel!
  7. Anyone know why Ryan Gallant is off Plan B and on Expedition One?
  8. How does the sizing compare to Janoskis or dunks?
  9. TNT is on 4 Star. That sounds about right
  10. I think its funny how Berra says that they aren't charging ENOUGH for the Berrics Unified and Koston pretty much tells everyone who doesn't agree with it to Fuck off.
  11. Berra posted a new video clarifying the Berrics united thing, obviously trying to cover his ass and probably trying to come out as the "good guy". Come on Berra, your still not doing anyone a favor
  12. Wow, this is really eye opening. I understand the berrics is trying to make $ because they are a business, but Berra shouldn't act like he's doing anybody a favor, he just renting add space and nothing more. If a struggling shop can't afford to advertise on the berrics, then I guess they aren't important to him.
  13. Mike V gets arrested for fighting at a hockey game. What an ass hole
  14. Finals are up! Check it out!
  15. Surprised Corey Kennedy didnt win with all that crazy double flip stuff he does. Cole is still gonna win though