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  1. The eBay thread

    cm4521 writes: because theyre fake :( seems like he intentionally passed them off as legit because he didnt include pics of the huf print which is like the easiest giveaway,
  2. he played at my school last week, i was like who the fuck is chance the rapper..
  3. Stuff you hate thread.

    you probably go to csulb

    they;re fake.
  5. The Breaking Bad Thread

    season 1 was so boring.. it only gets better from there. a lot better.
  6. Ehhh Man You Tryin To Build Some Muscle?

    lol my friend keeps a small little tub of now's coconut oil with him.. and eats that shit plain. honestly might have to resort to doing that when i bulk lmao.
  7. Ehhh Man You Tryin To Build Some Muscle?

    RICHY7501 writes: I do. I need to add more calories though, been losing a lot of weight but my lifts have decreased slightly.. Hopefully I can start bulking in Sept. Honestly, don't think I've ever hit my fat macro lol.. Always too much carbs and too little fat. Still, works for me and it's not that big of a hassle.
  8. Ehhh Man You Tryin To Build Some Muscle?

    RICHY7501 writes: how you liking those fat gripz? been contemplating whether i should buy some or not. think theyre worth it?
  9. Brooklyn Projects x Nike SB Pt 2

    Picked mine today for the homie, had #73/150 Group 1. I think first 100 got a free shirt. I don't like these shoes at all but whatever. There were quite a few people who must have forgotten since there were a few number jumps for Group 1. I don't even think they passed out 150 bands though... lol.
  10. Matt Kwasniak writes: Ever since 808s and Heartbreak his music has been shit. Born Sinner blows this out of the water.
  11. Ehhh Man You Tryin To Build Some Muscle?

    I'm not stim sensitive at all. I used to take 500-700 mg of caffeine a day just to stay awake. Took 200 mgs before and KOed 20 mins after lol. Cycling off caffeine is a bitch, had migraines for 2 weeks straight. Now the only caffeine I take is a scoop or two of Craze which is 80mg a scoop or so. Just don't OD on caffeine or you'll end up fucking yourself.
  12. Ehhh Man You Tryin To Build Some Muscle?

    the best pwo by far.
  13. Ehhh Man You Tryin To Build Some Muscle?

    If anyone's looking for protein... http://www.thatsupplementguy.com/product-p/pc-giant5.htm Memorial sale on a few supps.. Picking up 2 5lbs of this in Vanilla & Choc PB lol, should last me a long time. Good price on em too, didn't bother checking any other sale items since I don't really need anything. Also have a tub of this ON performance, 2lb in Vanilla Shake I got for free from a friend who works at GNC; I only took 2 scoops of it and it taste like ass, if anyone wants it for free+ship drop me a PM - boutta toss this shit. http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/opt/performance-whey.html
  14. Eric Koston SB

    pippowz writes: Thanks buddy, I might be able to stop by my local & try a pair on - hope they fit!