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  1. drew_dice27

    -did a local meetup for my kicks, went smoothly -very understanding and chill dude -easy to deal with -quick communication -great NSB'er -enjoy the kicks!!!
  2. thenonarsen

    -very easy to deal with -quick communication -quick payment -awesome NSB'er -too legit -this is the way all transactions should be
  3. OFFICIAL Jordan Pick Ups -- 2010

    i miss them already. :(
  4. Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

    for some reason my PS3 wifi stopped working so i had to send it to sony for repair. won't be playing for a few more weeks.
  5. i haven't been on nsb for a long minute so i'm really out of the loop. but i'm reading up on our new NSB marketplace and just looking at it, its simple, user friendly and just overall it looks alot better than our current NSB b/s/t forum. here's my QUESTION: according to the NSB marketplace FAQ (link here) stated that our current b/s/t forum will be shutdown by the end of january. i have a whole mess of kicks i need to sell so should i just post all my kicks only in the new marketplace? or post in the b/s/t forum? or both? Suggestion: in the new NSB marketplace, a shoe listing will have tabs that have the option of "make offer" or "buy now" simply by clicking these tabs. i highly suggest there be a confirmation message or new confirmation page that opens and asks the potential buyer something like "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO MAKE THIS OFFER OR BUY THESE?" i know on ebay, there's a confirmation page that opens asking "confirm bid" right after you bid on an item. just having this confirmation page or msg is like a security thing where it will deter potential flakers. any help to my question is greatly appreciated.
  6. RELEASES: SPACE JAMS are back!!!

    with all the hype surrounding the space jams, i wouldn't be surprised if most shops/stores/boutiques pull a yeezy and hold raffles. yeah i said it...RAFFLES!!!
  7. RELEASES: Grand Purple (Metallic) Is!

    i'm a sucker for OG colorways. damn you JB for international releases!!! edit: the only jordan 1 i've dropped more than $200 was on a pair of OG I's. i really don't see myself paying more than 2 bills on these metallic purp I's.
  8. Its That Time Of Year Again...

    thank heaven...
  9. BST experice so far...

    suggestion: editing our own sales listings like ISS. this was probably already addressed in the past so apologies if it already has. is there anyway we can make this happen?
  10. WesMadeEJ6

    quick communication. very easy to deal with. did a quick meetup and everything went very smoothly. would do business with again. enjoy the kix!
  11. GUM

    i give this thread the most random thread award. in any case, i'm more of a mint-man myself. like ice breakers and tic tacs with the occasional altoids.
  12. RELEASES: Air Jordan 1 2009 Fall/Winter Releases

    finally some actual HIGHS! not that mid-cut BS. i'd love my BMP's more if they were highs.
  13. RELEASES: SPACE JAMS are back!!!

    HIGHLY doubt it.
  14. RELEASES: Nike Air Jordan Retro III True Blue

    kinda lame how i'm seeing some sites charge $250+ for early pre-sale when street value of the the '01 TBIII are going for that price. lame lame lame. even worse, i'll prolly end up scooping a pair anyways. its as if the word "retail" doesn't even exist anymore.