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  1. First time I actually wore these somewhere.
  2. ^ yes indeed. nova. and its def one my fav tanks.
  3. ^ def not gonna fly. people dont do that.
  4. Havent posted in so long. Yesterday. Pardon the locks.
  5. Awesome seller. Sold me a supreme cap. Shipped fast. Legit dude.
  6. Shoe, insole, and tag all check out to me. And i have a legit pair to compare. These are legit.
  7. Dammmmn medis are nice.
  8. Inuits are sick in person. Picked up a pair for a friend last night. Materials are really nice. Dont sleep.
  9. Pretty sure their legit and have been around a lil while.
  10. Daaaamn. Dont see many dirty moneys around. Real nice pickup.
  11. ^ Agree as well. I payed about half that and know people that payed less than me. Love the avy Justinn.
  12. ^ Sick shit. Congrats to both guys for picking those up this month.
  13. ^ Thats what i wanna know.