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  1. remember when #05 quality was a "thing"
  2. PS who the fuck is joseph james and how did he sneak to be gutter lord? Guess the torch passed again.
  3. so what are you guys going to do when nike sb turns into nike action sports? Not that anyone still REALLY buys SBs
  4. Its dead in here
  5. Damn when did I get overthrown as gutter god? what the fuck
  6. your boy high as shit
  7. Been a while
  8. fucking heatwave on this page gotttt daaaaammnnnn
  9. banging with these on the daily now.
  10. Soon my children. lookbook/line in the next weeks. https://www.facebook.com/Borgatadc
  11. Drain-o
  12. ive been drunk since I can remember MAJOR x Sup x ON x Free Runs
  13. University of these skreets. Graduated valedictorian of trapping.
  14. soon