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  1. SBpoop

    for sure man i'll let you know when i get more preme hats in
  2. LivelY-Hood25

    good dude to do business with pay pal's on the quickness is patient and very responsive thanks dude!
  3. SBpoop

    i don't think i promised you the laces this is what i said in the PM [quote name='SBpoop']also the shoes just come with the OG yellow laces but i'll look around to see if i got any spare whites[/quote] but either way thanks for the great transaction dude
  4. kranestyle

    he bought my shypinks was easy to negotiate with and pay pal'd me on the quickness will do business with again!
  5. Blazer LOW black/white

    as stated before i have the highs but i'm lovin the feel of the lows must cop for me
  6. i'm feelin the grey hi's but the red lows i thought were gonna be all suede i'm not too stocked about the leather part :/
  7. Legendman92

    great buyer everything was super quick and promt will do business with again!
  8. sole.

    oscar is so legit i don't even need tracking info lol top notch service and the product was in amazing condition to sole seeker
  9. Official Tattoo thread

    reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelax i was being sarcastic about the whole jack skellington thing since it was a joke.. even the original poster knew that his tatt came out pretty clean i really liked the idea and i believe the post i replied to was this one that stated which i did give my advice... whether it was right or wrong to your criteria its what worked for me! and if you wondering if i do have a tatt its on the top of page 17 here's a direct link so you don't have to stress your hand to click 2 pages back http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v224/poopone/DSC02170.jpg so before you go on a big tattoo knowledge ego trip read before talking shit about some ones post
  10. Official Tattoo thread

    i suggest not getting something you can't spell jack skellington* keep the bandage on for 24hrs don't let water directly hit the tatt keep it out of sunlight, keep it moist put alot of cream on it whether it be neosporin or an intensive care lotion (check with your artist before applying) don't pick at it or scratch it at all!!!!! thats all i can think of at the top might wanna google more if you don't think thats enough
  11. Famous Sneakers

    thats exactly what i was thinking
  12. Famous Sneakers

    don't get much baller than that
  13. General Automotive Talk

    hah nahh man just dedication it took me almost 2 years of work to get to where its at it was mostly i knew alot of people too so hook ups came often if it were turbocharged it would be a monster but sometimes the simplicity could be the best
  14. General Automotive Talk

    lol damn correct!! very impressive