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  1. Yo, I'm back in this thread trying to see if the old cats still alive!
  2. xodsxboi215x writes: I'll get them purple GR's off you. PM me Where you located? Thanks
  3. old NSBers still here it been way to long since ive been on???
  4. my choice Pool 1 1) Heineken 2) MF Dooms 3) London 4) Unkles Pool 2 32) Brain Wrecks 2) Pigeons 3) Blue Lobsters 4) Diamonds
  5. for cleaning ur suede use the nubuck cleaner (suede eraser and brush) it works perfectly... i have used it on the send helps, kermits, and hawaiis they are great..
  6. Legit guy... bought some hunters and these are clean as heck... great communication as well AAA+++
  7. meet up with the dude... legit kicks... real cool guy... had the shoes in a zip lock bag to protect... man this guys took care of these joint thanks frank. AAAA+++!! -mjfreak06
  8. legit guy smooth communication and fresh clothes thanks dude... AAA+++
  9. LEGIT DUDE>> Superdude i will def do business with him again... great communication and great shoes as expected... thanks AAA++++
  10. Mrh

    legit dude on time got my wicked legit shirt thanks dude
  11. tiifs, j-packs, bucks and footpatrols stabb up soon.....
  12. sup jamie........ miss this thread i am getting back to the love of sb's...... allright i have i thing to say i will the all the msging to people.... but i need support of all you guys.... i will go thru the whole mdv forum and copy all the names of the new guys... then i will msg them to leave me there names and numbers..... so that it can be official....... so yeah jamie hit up oneeyesam and george hit up goose i got waterboy and lets make this happen i will dedicate all my time for this cause george those not know how to convibnce or start a meet you punk lol george in my son son..... well thats all folk peace........ team MDV...... this is my number if you have3 questions just say you are from nsb and we r good...... 301-793-6655..... mjfreak06
  13. whats guys im back... whats up with the meet...
  14. yes my man george are trading shoes today.. im getting his spizikes and hes getting my 18' wht/blue..... thanks son ill c you later... anyways i want an invite to fight club heres info eventhough you alredu know it Henry coreas e-mail Romantic4u06@yahoo.com