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  1. legit...

    I know shit about Jordans... can someone let me know if these are cool: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?campid=5336772688&pub=5574945724&customid=&toolid=10004&mpre=http://cgi.ebay.com/Nike-Air-Jordan-Collez...bayphotohosting
  2. NSB Dunk High Preview

    Kick Reb in the place where nuts would be... if he had some. XOXO
  3. NSB Dunk High Preview

    I heard these are based on the fuck-ugly logo that the site uses!!!
  4. Nike SB P-Rod High Fall 2008

    search before posting please.
  5. Nike SB Dunk High - Blue Denim/Brown/Pink

    a bad custom at that....
  6. New Nike SB Dunk High - Red/Green

    X-mas dunks....
  7. Nike SB Air Trainer Line-up

    Your on the late train buddy...
  8. What makes....

    that smell can only be achieved with the sweat from the brow of a 9 year old boy after a 13 hour shift in a 10 cent a day sweatshop...
  9. Nike SB P-Rod 2 x Colette

    ^^^ Guys seriously, this thread is almost a year old...
  10. Kaws&Effect

    Do not hesitate to deal with Kaws&Effect, one of the smoothest deals I've done. He worked around weather issues to insure I got my shoes - great seller.
  11. So I Just Found Out...

    International J, that's not needed.
  12. How do you lace your hight tops??

    Bunny Ears Tell the child that he needs to make his shoe laces into "bunny ears." First, he needs to secure a knot for the bunny's head. Take the laces and cross them over to make an "X". Then, pull one ear through the bottom of the "X" and pull tight. Say, "Now we need to give bunny some ears." Loop the laces into "bunny ears". Tell the child that now we need to "make the bunny ears tight so they don't fall off". Then make another "X" using the "bunny ears", slide one "ear" under the "X" and pull tightly. Keep practicing junior, you'll learn one day...
  13. Idiot of the Week

    I nominate "deem", created a fake account to drive up the price in his BST thread... I'd say sneakernerd's 13+ posts a day is well over twice as many as Domzy's 5.5, I don't see the comparison????? "Just saying since you were calling him out."
  14. Rad Nike concept design

    By industrial designer Lysandre Follet, who has also done some cool concepts for Nixon and Motorola. Source: http://www.behance.net/Gallery/NIKE-CONCEPT/61431