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  1. Neptune legit check

    cheatingk9610 writes: Just in hands feels suspect, leather on the side has that fake cardboard feel, tongue label is very uneven and not sure if it's just my eyes but the Nike SB on the tongue tag looks a little off spacing wise.
  2. Neptune legit check

  3. Neptune legit check

    Just wanting a second opinion that these are fake. Thanks in advance
  4. cheatingk9610 writes: You're not allowed to post here anymore! Cot DAYUM! [/quote] Come on guy haha

    Meek04 writes: Thanks dude!!

    Search for these is finally over
  7. Orange box series. No Pat Codes?

    Out of the Orange box series I have noticed some pairs of dunks feature the Pat code below the dates on the inside tag and some pair don't. Question is, can some specific dunks have both and are both legit? E.g. a pair of Mulder's without the Pat code and pair with? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Nike Dunk Low SB QS "Beijing" - 1st Look

    No quality control issues on mine which is a nice change.
  9. LTB Denim Forbes/Zoo Yorks

    Last two Orange box releases to complete the collection. Looking for US11 Denim Forbes and Zoo Yorks. Any help appreciated with the search.
  10. Dunk of the Year Thread

    Surprised that no one has mentioned the Uprise Dunk Highs. Very disappointing year for releases at least IMO.