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  1. Nice Tiffs! BUMP
  2. cm4521 writes: Different..... I'm liking them. I don't know if I'm bold enough to wear them, but I like them.
  3. sidious writes: Awesome find!
  4. Dayum. . .
  5. Plums, Hulks, and Sea Crystals! All that suede is a good look my friend, nice collection.
  6. This guy is as good as they come. He has very reasonable price and is willing to negotiate. Thank you again for the Dooms.
  7. I am not typically into Jordans but those are nuts. I am definitely going to try and score a pair for myself.
  8. I second that.
  9. Second that^. The five on the box is too skinny, and it is too far from the nine.ÂÂÂ
  10. What size do you wear man? Really nice collection, those DOTD are fire!
  11. Dooms are lookin' fresh! Nice pick up.
  12. I'm cool on those. . .
  13. I've got some clean white perfs in a 10 for sale if anyone is interested. I haven't posted them yet but I will soon. LMK.
  14. London cop! What a great time to be studying abroad.
  15. 135 shipped for DS inuit size 10.5