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  1. SHIIIT BEEN AWHILE SINCE I POSTED. WHAT UP FELLAS!!! Heres couple shots i took last weekend. Enjoy!
  2. PoopyPashty420 writes: I was just waiting on my local to get them in Used paint. Not dye on this one.
  3. cheatingk9610 writes: Appreciate it homie!!
  4. Thanks Meek for posting for me!!!
  5. ohhh also i spy Funkles above! hahaha
  6. Awesome recap of SneakerCon Meek!!! That one kid had fake DeLas, WTD and NYC pigeons!!! Ton of kids and their lack of knowledge of NikeSBs but they had soooo much interest in puchasing!!! BTW... STEAL OF THE DAY.. Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvnds sz10 Trickstar Blazers $90! weeeeee!!!
  7. KaptinBuck3t writes: great running into you too Kapt!!
  8. Great shots man!!!
  9. brownbear22 writes: dude did same thing to me.... i should also charge him for wasting my free text msgs!
  10. these came out clean man! what ya use? dye?
  11. Meek04 writes: Thanks meek! And def gotta thank Joe for being the trooper and holding down the spot!
  12. RICHY7501 writes: Hahaha all good man
  13. Great times! Glad meeting all who came. Til next time!!! Enjoy the pics... was too busy drinking but def had fun