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  1. VVVVNDS Vans x UNDFTD SK8 Hi Knicks Link Size 8.5 Condition: Worn Once
  2. I have Jedi's VVVNDS 8.5
  3. Still mad clean though
  4. what's goooooood? did anyone here pick up an extra Diamond x Curren$y tee? holla at me if you did please
  5. Inception just like the other hundred million people if you haven't watched it yet, stop sleeping and go see it!
  6. just came in today no more sticky fingazzzzz
  7. very nice HUF's Michael should've never traded away my Force's
  8. there's nothing like Air dope shit everyone
  9. Pure OG Kush
  10. ^^ Hayward = Nor Cal..
  11. nice. Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (Mimosa remix) STS Feat. Donwill – Sole Music (remix)
  12. shitty quality on those Gucci's? glad i haven't grabbed them yet i guess but they're still fresh to death damn, i been out of the game too long haha crispy AM1's FuturaPhile
  13. on the study playlist for finals [media][/media]
  14. and he was still the Hot Spitta [media][/media]
  15. what it doo doo Greg! been back in Irvine since the New Year what you gonna be doin down here mang?