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  1. Likewise
  2. ^for some reason that didn't list everything I have listed...
  3. if anybody wants anything I got you on the gutter price
  4. I got you
  5. you know the shoe game is dead when Kia makes a commercial about "fresh limited edition kicks" RIP
  6. this
  7. you guys that wear supreme look just like the people you post in here that wear supreme tho
  8. I live in the city lol I don't even own a car. Â
  9. I shit on 30 mpg
  10. I bet I get more miles to the gallon than any of you whats up now
  11. lol
  12. how do you wear those... don't they hurt your feet?
  13. P2fmZ2C2CdA
  14. what brand? I pretty much just fuck with unbranded cuz I like selvedge denim but not paying over a hondo
  15. orange and silver boxes still sell for what they're worth people just finally realized that the new garbage is garbage