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  1. aminazn

    very good communication and easy transaction. 100% legit. shoes were mailed same day. recommended.

    B-square is a good spot cause you don't have to stand outside They open the mall and you line up just by champs in the mall.
  3. solecrazy

    great seller! perfect communication, he came through with legit slams with ultra fast shipping. thanks!
  4. Legit check slams

    I'm pretty sure these are fake. the tracks cross under the bridge, but one look at the box, the 5 on the 9.5 is offline. dead give away, no?? but this guy has 100% feedback. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?campid=5336772688&pub=5574945724&customid=&toolid=10004&mpre=http://cgi.ebay.com/NIKE-SLAM-CITY-DUNK-SB...1QQcmdZViewItem i'm thrown off by the box tag.
  5. What will you do with your sneakers

    i just passed the 30 y/o mark,, and still rockin' my kicks. you would think the amount of collecting would fade, but it only gets stronger once you actually have a salary and more expendable cash flow.
  6. se4sons2013

    super legit avengers. as pictured. this guy is by far the best seller i've dealt with. He had a tracking number to me in less than 24 hours of payment, and I had the dunks in a couple of days! thanks.

    looks good to me. plus look at his normal selling prices and heat he has... with 100% feedback.
  8. Rondz

    word. ron was a great buyer... very fast payment, and very professional. i would buy or sell from him anytime

    Away from the water. So if you are on pike, with goods on your left, go up the street like 3 blocks and its on your right. No big sign yet. Last Friday j-rocc from the beat junkies was there spinnin!

    where's that going to be? also... winner's circle just got a new building, and they'll be moving (bigger and better)... was talkin' w/ ray over there last weekend.
  11. Legit Check: De La Lows

    just got these beat de la low's off ebay... everything looks legit to me (it's my understanding that the exact hollogram differs a bit from shoe to shoe), but i'm not 100% * except for the fact that they are dirtier than i thought.. i can probably clean them a bit.. and rock them without any worries. thanks!
  12. Dunk SB Photo Gallery

    sup nsb... i've been lurking for years, but just started posting. looks like this turned into a collection thread.. but here's a few i have on my computer... thought i'd throw a few dunks on my mantle under the dead kings of hip hop. and i needed a new profile pic.. so i grabbed a handfull of random shoes.. sorry, not all SB's...

    EQPT is pretty sick.. but down accross from southcenter (across from ACME bowl). It's classier .. even than goods.. with mostly high end brands. i finally got to check out "Laced Up"... a small boutique... kind of reminds me of the stores on fairfax in l.a. they are still getting all their brands in... but it's pretty dope. they are leaving the SB's to GOODS, but they are concentrating on some different brands like undercrown, greedy genius, Lamar & Dauley!, ALIFE! (their shipment commin' in soon).. Premium label, no mas, etc. i spent some time in their talkin' w/ the owner... cassius.. hella cool cat. check it out. and copped a pair of the all over elephant print Undercrown kicks... sick. they are on pike street... literally down the street from GOODS on your right... just go a few blocks.. it's easy to miss, since there isn't a big sign yet.
  14. How to take clear pics of inside tags?

    w0rd. i just tried using the macro setting under my dinning area light.. and what do you know... clear as crystal! thanks guys... now i can provide better pics for my BST posts.
  15. How to take clear pics of inside tags?

    hey thanks for the great tips! much appreciated. now if the sun would freakin' come out in seattle so i can use that outdoor ambient light haha.