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  1. Mauro86

    Dope Corals! thanks for communicating effectively.
  2. boogeda

    Smooth SBTG trade! Good communication. He drove out to meet up without any fuss- But be careful, he had some heat on his feet when I met him. I almost got a heat blister.
  3. thcincy

    Smooth transaction smooth kicks!
  4. OFFICIAL Jordan Pick Ups -- 2010

    I tried to fetch some info on these, but have not been very successful. They are called the Art of Defense Jordan V's, but I don't know the conceptual basis of the shoe. All I know is that these only released in Asia, seen them on ebay for 190.00- I live in Japan, and grabed em for $100.00. A lot of people don't like em, but I am very impressed!
  5. Sneakers in Tokyo?

    I'm 7 months late, but I've been out here for 4 years...and I have to tell you that you will be surprised at the stuff you find out here.