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  1. Nike Dunk Hi SB - Gucci / RESN ****

    ^^thanks i realized that right after i posted it.
  2. Nike Dunk Hi SB - Gucci / RESN ****

    how come theres a RESN then this east coast thing? http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?campid=5336772688&pub=5574945724&customid=&toolid=10004&mpre=http://cgi.ebay.com/NIKE-DUNK-HI-SUPREME-S...=item45eef798fc
  3. New Nike Sb Mid - triumvir colab.

    any so cal shops still have ?
  4. Legit Check Hawaiis

    friend is trying to sell me these but not 100% sure if there legit lmk!
  5. Chuck Norris?

    bought his tellos super fast shipping!
  6. heart$ole

    meet up and bought my lobsters this guy is legit!
  7. Mister Lacey

    transaction number 2. love this guy! starting to become one of my friends lol good guy buy his kicks!
  8. Mister Lacey

    this guy is super legit never doubt him will do more business for sure!
  9. Kidgee

    fash ship !! nice guy!
  10. duoshocker

    super quick shipping great!!
  11. 'Sea Crystal' Blazer

    got mines for 30.50 :]
  12. Nike SB Dunk High - Anthracite/Summit Highs

    ordered online and got free shipping so its like paying the box price w.o the tax :]
  13. New Nike SB Dunk Mid - Aqua/Black

    reserved myself a pair with free shipping so its practically the same as buying it in the stores just no need to drive. :] and plus no taxes ! so paid just about less or the same as retail :]
  14. Nike SB Dunk High - Anthracite/Summit Highs

    ordered them right now. cheaper than retail and shipped to my door :] nd got myself a pair of the send help mids on hold for cheaper than retail 2 :] w00t