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  1. Got a few goodies. But missed out on the taped seam.
  2. Why duh BBCode broken on mobile doe. Or the native uploader won't post le pictures...
  3. Bro how you gone like a t shirt by supreme and be mad it has supreme on it? 🤔🤔😂
  4. #FakeNews
  5. 😂😂😂 don't worry fam. Had me fucked Up for hours.
  6. IDK about that fam. But might have to cawp for nostalgia.
  7. Jesus take the wheel.
  8. LOL. I think anyone selling any SB over $300 is a fool. Unless they are super rare to begin with. #CongratsYouPlayedYaSelf
  9. Aye bruh! Me? Nah dude, I don't have any dunk's anymore. Thought you had them already though?
  10. All these heads getting huge tax returns in the coming month(s).... letting the government play with your money like that.