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    The only pair of adidas i have left

    Long time NSB! glad to see its still alive & well. I see Kybosh still got the good stuff! Hard to tell but im wearing delbarco 'snake scales' from a few years back,my fav'!
  3. What One\'s Wearing June 2011

    it's been a while..hope everyone is enjoying their summer. unds' these bad boys..NB577 x 24 Kilates

    FuturaPhile those are some dope AM1s!! I had two pair of these.....this time im keeping 'em! DS
  5. Clothing and Accessories pick-ups 2011

    ^^ yeah man..so glad that my size were still available for both pair! Had to retire my old wallet...start this new year fresh with a new one! I usually keep it black but this one caught my eyes... CdG  -luxury group blue-
  6. Origin of your screen name.

    First let me start by saying this...i dislike my sn very much now,i mean obviously i didnt the day i signed up..lol. So here's the story...i made an sn way back early '06 but rarely/never login and around that time there were this epic HOS about this kid 'heatonmyfeet'(old heads will remember..)...now fast forward to that fatal day of october 19 2006.. which a few glitches & data loss happened because of a site upgrade(?)...and somehow i couldnt log/remember my old sn which lead me to create a new one...and of course while thinking what sn i should get i though about this 'heatonmyfeet' name and how it had a nice flow to it so i wanted something similar....yes sad to say but i made my name base on scammer's sn!;(. Needless to say i failed miserably...but i ended keeping it cause i started buying/selling plus i knew i wasnt gonna be active on the forum. Anyway i have few regrets..and this is one of them..if i could change i would in a heartbeat,N-SB gods please grant me that one wish!!! Aight im out...feel so much better now lol.
  7. Size 9 Wanted List

    ^ btw its about the vans x brooks.
  8. Size 9 Wanted List

    My local shop still have your sz if you're serious about it PM me...just so you know im from Montreal,Canada. Three nsbers contacted me before as well but none had the decency to reply back,i dont wanna waste time you know.
  9. Clothing and Accessories pick-ups 2011

    wesc cap NSW destroyer jacket...thermal insulation & waterproof...love it!! Makia shirt (new brand from Finland...never heard of before but quality is on point.) N&F weirdguy deep indigo & grey selvedge....50$/each..yup.
  10. montreal

    @nicknack...check these shops: boutique Eighty-six at les cours mont-royal. offthehook. U & I on St-Laurent blvd. Rooney in old montreal
  11. What One\'s wearing January 2011

    CRISP pictures miss Angelachan. 5am....slighty tipsy back from the stripclub. NSWVansXBrooks
  12. OFFICIAL Jordan Photo Gallery

  13. Soothing to the ears & mind..
  14. N-SB 5th Anniversary Dunk Contest

    ^^yeah...i'd like to know as well. Great job on the dunks tho'! i really like the c/w & details...Can't wait to get funds in my paypal to buy tickets!