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    fee fi fo fum... jk!
  2. General Automotive Talk

    thats sexy!!

    sooo..... whats up gentleman! good to see some oldies still jiving the scene.
  4. __MY__A I R s__SkRiLlZ

    pm me- i still have stuff to unload. cheers-
  5. __MY__A I R s__SkRiLlZ

    lots of whats pictured is for sale. mostly selling locally but if anyone interested in any air maxes i have pictured here. HOLLER@Me cheers-
  6. __MY__A I R s__SkRiLlZ

    going to list some airs this week, heads up ;) yeep-

    trav those stabs are beautiful! love how the stab feels, underrated shoe. good stuff fellas!
  8. lc true red

    ^^thats because the restocked batch of true reds and many other centered labeled silver/grey boxes were left justified upon rerelease. gl-
  9. __MY__A I R s__SkRiLlZ

    ^^ thanks. well that would be too much to list and update. i had doubles/triples of 85% shown so i may still have what youre looking for. although i think the shoes that are obviously not going to still be available are shoes like the... dave whites, san frans, etc.. although i still have some powerwalls left to sell. non are brs's though. they are the olive,black powerwalls. pm me if interested in anything. usually people do that and have shoes at their door step with in a week. cheers and happy holidays!
  10. Nike Air Max 90 Deep Garnet ‘Cranberry’

    this just insulted the redwoods- lol whats with that hideous patent leather mud flap?? also i dislike the playground mesh used. boo-
  11. General Automotive Talk

    salut! haha i just got a clear bottom half of my catch can to replace my black bottom half i currently got on there. i missed the group buy on the transparent/frost/clear last year and glad i got it now. its nice being able to see how much gunk it caught with out guessing or opening her up to see.
  12. General Automotive Talk

    that would help a lot.. im one of those wackjobs that drives for hours with no music on just listening to the sounds of the shifts and engine etc. hehehe
  13. General Automotive Talk

    hey bro^^ with out music it would be better.. i was expecting to hear the engine and etc. thats music to my ears... my friend has a video with the camera almost where you have yours positioned and the 6.1 roars quite nicely! hehehe post with out music bro, lets hear that import!

    hey bro^^ i deleted his untagged inner pic to combat the pic stolen down the line. lets just do that from now on, if you can. cheers fellas-
  15. General Automotive Talk

    id say go projection headlight route. not only is HID'ing non projector lenses illegal to have/to do in the majority if not all states (they dont enforce it though) the non-projection housing headlights (stock) will show a "scattered" lighting....scattered lighting is a ugly and terrible for the person coming towards yo. not to mention any lighting using bulbs over 6-7K rating is disturbing to see. stock cars come with bulbs averaging the 4300K range. so any brighter than 6K will get you blueish to pinkish hues in the ambiance. 99 accord is easy car to play with also a mess with some electrical stuff. make sure you ground your grounds properly and use your relays and etc accordingly then you should be fine. one manufacturer id suggest visiting is KBcarstuff.com. --- look for your cars parts area and see what they have in store for you. hes not cheap but his stuff last a lifetime-despite what other companies will preach...his stuff actually speaks for it self. i have bought most o fmy lighting and etc from him through many recommendations. gl though yo-