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  1. May all be well with everyone!!
  2. thanks for sharing this site.. never heard of it..
  3. Sid Sid check your messages meng!!
  4. people with their own path in life and not following others still wear SB's!!
  5. Good looks on the vid.. pretty dope to see those GEMS being skated in!! Pigeons, Sea Crystals, Shy Pinks, Black Melvs, etc etc.. and then the FCK BOYZ got there handz on it and CHANGED THE GAME FOR LLLLYYYFFFEEEE!!!! hahahha.. Money is the TRUE GREED OF EVERYTHING!!!!! FACTS!!!! hahah.. wear yooo $HIT!
  7. Just a few goodies I've picked up in the last 8 months or so.......... FYI, Sid, if you don't have a pair of the new Reese Forbe High, i have a pair here(size 10) if you want them.. just let me know and i'll send them your way!! Enjoy the weekend Fellaz!!
  8. YO SID!!!! You still wearing dunks my dude, and if so what size are you??
  9. Middleman?? for what?? We are all Grown my dude.. Don't want to waste time or energy dealing with people like that.. All good though.. thank you for sharing but the deal is off anyways.. After last night i told him don't worry about it and good luck with selling them.. it's been 4 days.. that's more than enough time to decide.. LOL..
  10. hahahaa.. sold both the white and black pair to the homies off the forums for pretty much what i paid for them.. I have a another set but they are 9. and i'm currently using them to possibly finally get these DAMN DS 9.5 WHEAT FORBES.. but this dude is being sketchy about the trade.. i'm like damn brudda, one pair is pretty much worth the forbes and i'm willing to give you the set(DS) for those wheat's.. i mean am i buggin?? lol.. he's makin out more than i am money wise.. smh!!!!! i just want the fckin shoe don't care about the money part..
  11. Yooooo Sid!! Do you still wear Dunks?? and if so, what size are you?? also, how the hell do you post pics and gifs.. those codes we used in the past doesn't work..
  12. enjoy them my dude!!
  13. i'm not gonna lie, do miss the Style Guide.. lol
  14. yeah, saw they gave away Sharks, What the Dunks, Hulks, Tiff Low's, Cheech & Chongs, Medi's, etc.. Hopefully someone actually got there real size..
  15. that first pair had something going for it..