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  1. i look forward to seeing how these develop.
  2. Nike SB x Jordan Concords

    excited for this release!
  3. Air Jordan XI (11) Concord 2011 Confirmed

    how much would you let the 11's go for?
  4. FAQ

    carral128 - if they're not blazers...umm. what are they?
  5. FAQ

    are these blazers customized?
  6. RELEASES: Air Jordan Infrared VI Pack

    my spot confirmed the release..
  7. Chatroulette

    www.i-am-bored.com/media/chatroulettebrat.jpg" class="ipsImage" />
  8. lNJl To lManila

    Did a trade with Justin. My DS Slams + Pee Wee's + Cash for his DS Blink Yeezy's. I shipped first and he shipped promptly as soon as he received my shipment. Thanks Again. Enjoy the Slams!
  9. Legit Check Zen YEEZY's

    ebay link Thanks in advance
  10. Legit Check Zen YEEZY's

    Are these real? Link
  11. What One's Wearing March 09

    tteddiie..nice touch with the cream laces on the gibsons..
  12. What One's Wearing March 09

    o' oh..............
  13. RELEASES: Jordan 1 Mid "HARE"

    not bad..i like em
  14. RELEASES: The Return of the Nubuck Retro 12

    very nice..i'll look forward to this release.