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  1. shanghai 1's anyone
  2. HK seldom gets size 12, same as China.. for skate parks try
  3. probably sold out..
  4. Still my fav.. maybe I'm bias
  5. Pre- Owned but good shape Shanghai 1's US0.99 bids
  6. SB are sold now at all NSW accounts in Hong Kong
  7. took my truck out (more here) I nearly got stuck in that shot lol
  8. sold Crazykev5 a pair of Kentucky SBs, no problemo
  9. ^Silver thread ^Gold Thread
  10. actually no, BST is better if you have time, but ebay is quicker to move stuff out
  11. haven't posted for ages.. Been taking some new pics for ebay more here
  12. any fellow Melbornians who can spead some love?